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Zombies In America

What if I told you there was no dzwoniacy? Would you believe me? Or would you think I was a heathen who was going to rot in hell for not having faith in the “written word”? The verbal word handed down, subject to interpretation and memory of the transcriber? Would you chastise me for doubting what I could not see or touch?

What if I told you Jesus had taken a wife, and fathered children? Would you call it blasphemy? Even though it has been written, as the bible has been written, and has many believers in it’s validity?

If I said all this, would you stop reading this blog post, for fear of possible questions that could arise in the back of your minds….. fearing that should you question him, as we are taught not to do, you would be committing some unspeakable sin?

Now imagine this…… What if I told you zombies exist? Would you consider believing me? Or would you think I was some kook that needed their head examined because there is no way un-dead people are out there wandering around, eating other people and causing their victims un-dead transformation?

What about Haitian or African VooDoo? Middle Ages Folklore? Even Norse mythology had their share of reanimated corpses. Could there be any merit to the theory if so many believe it to be true? Granted these cases do not depict “zombies” as eating human flesh, but they all share the common thread of the dead coming back to “life.”

We are taught faith is not based on the tangible, rather it is belief in the intangible. What do you base your faith on?

Flesh Eaters in America Jeffrey Dahmer. Albert Fish. Two very sick individuals who liked to eat their prey. Cannibalism. More evidence that there are people who actually like the taste of human flesh.

What about Ed Gein? He didn’t eat his victims, but he certainly liked decorating with their flesh.

“Food” for thought??

Zombies in America While there is no concrete evidence to support the validity of the existence of zombies, there is quite an homage to their viability. Annual “zombie walks” held in various cities throughout the world; the “zombie squad” which boasts awareness for disaster preparedness and community service by holding rallys, fund raisers, and even blood drives (you can visit their cause here.)

So what does all this mean? This page doesn’t mean I believe zombies are real, but it also doesn’t mean that I don’t believe they could actually exist. If I am to believe in the impossible that religion has taught me and not question it’s reality, then perhaps……

And why not be prepared for an apocalypse? Russians invaded us in Red Dawn; aliens invaded us in War of the Worlds; spiders invaded us in Eight Legged Freaks….. who am I to say it can’t happen??

All I know is I’d rather be safe than sorry….. how ‘bout you?